Resources & Pricing

Lorray Digital Media is a full service, professional video production studio. Our services cover a wide range of content specialties, including the following:

Local and Travel Services:

Lorray Digital Media provides local services a large geographical area in the Northeast USA, with New York City at the "epicenter" of our services. Areas included in our local services include: New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Delaware, Washington DC. Lorray Digital Media will travel virtually anywhere in the world to provide services.

Equipment and Resources:

Lorray Digital Media maintains a studio facility with a 12' X 12' cyclorama wall, green screen, and more. We have an extensive inventory of professional gear, capable of everything from single cam to multi cam shoots with complex requirements. A sampling of equipment:

Lorray Digital Media has a very wide network of available actors, spokesmodels, models, voice over artists, and crew personnel. Our actors are all professional grade, and have extensive experience and credits.


Pricing is customized to the needs and scope of each project. Our pricing tends to be “middle of the road” when it comes to comparing pricing to studios with similar assets, skills, and experience. We believe in pricing that is fair and equitable to both client and contractor. We are not out to gouge clients, but we also believe that making a profit is an important motivator to do a great job for each and every client. Here are some of the factors we consider when developing a price quote:

*Type of project

*Projected amount of time needed, start to finish

*Personnel required to complete the project

*Assets required to complete the project

*Location and distance

*Complexity of the project

*Equipment and gear required

*Expenses incurred necessary to produce the project (i.e., location fees, actors, spokesmodels, voice over artists, etc)

We understand that budgets vary from client to client, and we are sensitive to the needs of our clients. While we have general guidelines for the charges we apply for our various services, we have found that no two projects are alike, and it is important to have some flexibility in determining pricing. Rates are ALWAYS negotiable, and we are happy to provide a breakdown of what we are charging for transparency and accountability.