Hi! I'm Ray, owner of Lorray Digital Media. I am an award-winning video producer that has been developing content for the last 20 years, servicing clients locally in the NE USA, nationally throughout the continental US, and throughout the world via the internet. I've had the opportunity to work with everything from Fortune 500 companies like Johnson & Johnson to the US Government, to small mom-and-pop retail shops, business owners, artists, and more. As a highly experienced, credentialed, and skilled producer, I have developed highly efficient and effective methods that allow me to create and produce content both efficiently and quickly. In fact, I have developed a 5-STEP SUCCESS STRATEGY that has enabled me and my colleagues to produce amazing, high quality, engaging content for clients worldwide. Our 5-STEP SUCCESS STRATEGY is:
STEP 1: TELL US YOUR VISION. The only way to create amazing video content is to share your vision for your project. It doesn't mean you need a full-blown plan, just know the basics - your main objective, what you'd like viewers to do after viewing the video, etc.

STEP 2: BOOK IT! We will provide you with our proprietary booking form that will give us the information we need to write up the contract. This is important because it will allow you the opportunity to specific what you want in terms of the both the services and the deliverables.

STEP 3: PROVIDE US WITH THE DETAILS AND ASSETS. What details? That depends on the project of course. The more you can tell us, the better the results. Assets? Things like logos, text elements, intro and outro text items, pics, graphics, etc. We'll help with things like music tracks.

STEP 4: STAY INVOLVED! You will be part Director, Producer, Director of Photography, Consultant, Writer, Editor and more with us. . . the more you stay involved with the project, the better the results. Of course, we'll take care of things professionally for you, no need to worry about that!

STEP 5: PROVIDE APPROPRIATE, TIMELY FEEDBACK - You will be given a draft of the video, and will have opportunity to provide helpful feedback. In addition to the initial draft, you will get a full 2 rounds of editing included!
That is usually more than enough to ensure that your video is sharp, professionally completed, compelling, engaging and maybe even disruptive!
Why Lorray?

(If you were born after '87 you probably have no idea what we mean. . . that's OK, just know we offer the highest quality services at bargain-basement pricing)
*COMPREHENSIVE SERVICES - We don't just turn on the camera and say "ACTION"! We provide you with expert guidance on concepts, scripts, video design, technology, marketing, and more. We'll hold your hand each step of the way, unless, of course, you don't need it.
*FAST, EFFICIENT RESULTS - We believe that maintaining momentum on a project is paramount for success. Once we start a project, we won't disappear for several months while you wait by the phone, hoping we'll call with an update!
*EXPERIENCE, EXPERIENCE, EXPERIENCE - Nothing is more important than having experience - and we've got it in spades. With well over 2,000 client projects produced in the last decade, few competitors can beat us on this count.
*COMMUNICATION IS KEY - We believe in keeping our clients informed every step of the way. . . you'll never be in the dark about where we are in the process, what we're doing to get your project completed, or where we are hiding when you've got a question.
*STATE-OF-THE-ART RESOURCES - we have the best in everything techie! From drones and gimbals to mics and cameras, we have what is needed to produce your project. You won't be paying for expensive "rentals" like some competitors charge!
*ROCK-SOLID GUARANTEE - we stand by our work 100%. If you are not happy with something, we'll do whatever it takes to make it right.